Review of proposed changes for CPACS 3.2

I am pleased to announce the pre-release of CPACS 3.2. The biggest change is that the toolspecific node allows to integrate own XML schemas instead prescribing predefined elements. We hope that this will promote flexibility in tool development.

With regard to a transparent development and decision making process, I would like to summarize the most important enhancements. This is not yet a final release version, so we welcome any suggestions for changes and feedback until 8 February. We plan to introduce the following features in CPACS 3.2:

  • Replaced tool-specific elements with xsd:any element and strict schema request for validation (Documentation)
  • UIDs adapted to type xsd:ID and xsd:IDREF UIDs optional for transformationType and pointTypes
  • Added fuselage frame sets (Documentation)
  • Added fuselage stringer sets (Documentation)
  • Replaced xsd:sequence elements with xsd:all elements where possible
  • cpacsVersion element set to optional
  • GuideCurves are now optional for nacelleCowlType (Documentation)
  • Documentation adaptions

For further details, please visit the GitHub CPACS 3.2 milestone list. The complete documentation is available online at You also find the schema for the current release candidate at